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Rimici Muslim Chamber of Economy Program is designed with your business growth needs in mind. You will have a team of specially‐trained professionals
who bring together premium secure cloud E-Commerce solutions and access to the guidance and world‐class E-Commerce experts



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Business Marketing



Our Key Features




  • .Rimici Secure Cloud Platform
  • .ISO 27002 implementation
  • .Security Operations Center
  • .Security Risk Management
  • .Integrated Risk and Compliance

Business Network

  • .California Muslim Chamber of Economy
  • .Texas Muslim Chamber of Economy
  • .Colorado Muslim Chamber of Economy
  • .Southwestern Muslim Chamber of Economy
  • .Southeastern Muslim Chamber of Economy
  • .Green Business

Rimici Membership Program Benefit

  • .Benefits of Rimici Muslim Chamber of Economy
  • .Secure Web Hosting
  • .Online Stores with ability to integrate with Amazon, EBay and FaceBook shop
  • .Restaurants websites
  • .Business Crowd Funding
  • .Jobs and Freelancing
  • .Social Advertisement
  • .Business Connect with (product marketing, Sales Leads, Business Events, Forum and Idea Sharing)
  • .Help Desk Support
  • .Realty
  • .Rentals

Why Join Us
Helps with


From Community

Enabling practical and real life Muslim family solutions through professional and volunteers live help and support forum


Provide Information Technology

First Muslim Family Governance Framework (Civic Policy, Family Programs, Muslim E-Conomy and Islamic Resources). Focus on giving confidential and personal information control to our family members


Open The Opportunity to each other

Muslim Family Governance programs are enabled on top of ISO27002 and ISO27001 based security best practices that are documented, evidence based and auditable meeting privacy and security requirements helping to meet regulatory and personal goals

Get a Solution

First Muslim Family Secure Cloud Data Center and high performance scalable storage infrastructure

Successful future belongs to those who design and build secure cloud infrastructure and sustainable solutions / programs for our Families and Businesses!

Join Our Team and Build the First Muslim Family and Business solutions Cloud

Volunteering Opportunities in Rimici “ONE Source” Muslim Family Governance Domains

1. Risk Governance
2. Secure Cloud
3. Family Programs
4. Civic Engagement

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