Two Metrics Dashboards are implemented within RIMICI “ONE Source” Security Operations Center:

Security Compliance Framework

Executive panels are customized to feed and reports specific regulatory compliance regulations as: ISO2700X, SOX, HIPAA, ISO-27005, PCI, GLBA, FFIEC and others. 

RIMICI “ONE Source” Security Operations Center allows measuring, displaying trends and creating Metrics for the regulatory compliance security controls, providing a complete Framework for Normative compliance.

These Metrics objects are usually displayed as graphics which track the monetarized parameters  giving a fast abstract measurable visualization of the security situation.

Both technical as well as non-technical controls can be tracked getting a complete view of the regulatory normative.

The Metrics Dashboard provides performance of Rimici Secure Cloud "SOC and IT Operations performance. This helps to ensure that secure cloud and its security is meeting our desired expection and put leadership committment and resources for areas to improve or mature.


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