Mike and Rise

I think it's not so much that our team helped us dream bigger, it was that
they helped us see our big dreams were not unattainable.

— Mark, Chiropractor and a Rimici Private Client

Mark and Rise share a love of the outdoors with their children. Now that their children are grown, Mark and Rise can take time from their chiropractic practice to travel more with each other. It's taken careful planning with their Rimici Private Client team to help them feel confident in traveling as often as they want.


Rimici Private Client, allows us to consolidate all of our finances and know exactly what's going on. Not just the personal checking and savings, but the business and everything else that's associated with it.

Mark and Rise knew they could turn to their dedicated team Noel, their Private Client Banker, and Daniel, their Rimici Private Client Advisor for help with everything from business to travel needs. Their dedicated team has gotten to know their unique needs over the years and have given Mark and Rise the confidence that they're on the right path.

All I have to do is just ask, and it's there. I can just call my team and they will help facilitate whatever we need done.

— Rise, a Rimici Private Client

So whether it's a small business loan for Mark's chiropractic business or a trip to the Galapagos Islands, Mark and Rise have confidence that their dedicated team can help them enjoy today without putting their retirement plans in jeopardy.